Selected Press

July 6, 2022
T - The New York Times Style Magazine

A Brief Guide to the Wide, Wild World of Art Schools and Residencies

April, 2022
Vogue Living Australia

Dream Palace

December, 2021
Platform Art - Instagram Live

Artist Kadar Brock in conversation with writer and podcast host Amanda Montell

December, 2021
Platform Art

In Majorca With Kadar Brock

February 23, 2021
The New York Times

The Antithesis of the 'White, Modern Box'

December, 2019
Aptly Issue #7

Kadar Brock's Bury Enchantment, Reflections, by Matt Jones

July 24, 2019
WYBCx Yale Radio - Praxis Interview

"Kadar Brock" by Brainard Carey

March, 2019
DUEL Magazine Issue #3

"Brooklyn Painters"

January 24, 2019
Sound & Vision Podcast

"Kadar Brock" by Brian Alfred

December 17, 2018
Galerie Magazine

"Elizabeth Margulies Selects Her Top Five Emerging Artists of 2018" by Elizabeth Margulies

October 7, 2016

"Kadar Brock at Vigo Gallery, London" by The Editors of ARTnews

June 4, 2016
The Conversation // Art Podcast

Ep. #142: "Kadar Brock, Brooklyn-based painter, doing it full-time." by Michael Shaw

August 2015
Cultured Magazine

“Kadar Brock: The Unconventional Painter” by Fernando Mastrangelo

July 2015

“Habitat: Kadar Brock” by Katherine McMahon

Summer 2015
Dazed Digital

"The Most Exciting Group Shows to See This Summer" by Francesca Gavin

April-May 2015
Cultured Magazine

“The Season in Art” by Laura de Gunzburg

January 2015
W Magazine

“Paint, Scrub, and Repeat” by Kat Herriman

January 2015
The Art Newspaper

“Getʼem now, while theyʼre hot?” by Seth Carmichael

December 2014
Artsy Editorial

“ Up and Coming: Dungeons & Dragons Guides the Abstract Paintings of One of New Yorkʼs Hottest Artists, Kadar Brock” by Marina Cashdan

February 2014
The Miami Rail

“Kadar Brock” by Alex Bacon

January 2014
Artsy Editorial

“The Top Nine Trending Artists Under 40 in Miami” by Lisa Schiff

January 2014
Artsy Editorial

“The Top 10 Artists Under 35 in 2014” by Molly Gottschalk

September 2013
Hunted Projects

 "In Dialogue: Kadar Brock," by Steven Cox

September 2013
Interview Magazine

 "Dungeons, Dragons, and Art," by Allyson Shiffman

September 2013
Dazed and Confused

 "First Shot" by Francesca Gavin

September 2013
Black Book

"Different Damage: Kadar Brock's Abstraction," by Scott Indrisek

September 2013
Hunted Projects

 "Studio Visit: Kadar Brock," by Steven Cox

April 2013

"Kadar Brock's Netflix-Induced Artmaking"

January 2013

 "The In-Action of Abstract Painting," by Jessicak Backus

November, 2012
Dazed and Confused

"Off-Modernists" by Francesca Gavin

July 2012
NY Arts Magazine Online

"In Conversation: Matt Jones Interviews Kadar Brock" 

February 2012
White Hot Magazine

""..." @ The Hole" by Kari Adelaide

January 2012
Dazed and Confused

"Abstract Art Revolution" by Francesca Gavin

December 2011

"Drink Your Lola Cola" by Charlie Finch

December 2011
The Local East Village Blog,

"In Miami, the Art World Takes a Shine to Bowery Gallerist Kathy Grayson" by Danny Gold

August 2011
Two Coats of Paint

"Exchanging Studio Visits with Kadar Brock" by Sharon Butler

June 2011
The Brooklyn Rail

"The New Casualists" by Sharron Butler

November 2010
Blouin Art Info

“In New York: Gallery Openings This Week” by Andrew M. Goldstein

June 2010
Daily Serving

"All Signs Point to Yes: An Interview with Kadar Brock" by Michael Tomeo

February 2010
The Brooklyn Rail

“New Mirrors: Painting in a Transparent World” by Sharon L. Butler

October 2009
Bomb Magazine

"Compositions Based on Chance" by David Goodman

February 2009
Future Claw

“New Work” by Ana Finel Honigman

November 2008
City Magazine

"Young Bloods"

May 2008

 "Art in Review: You Only Live Once" by Dan Adler

May 2008
Blouin Art Info

 "Weekend Picks: Kadar Brock in New York" by Chris Bors

March 2008
The Village Voice

 "Spring Preview: Spring Picks" by RC Baker

May 2006
The New York Times

"Art in Review; Kadar Brock" by Roberta Smith

May 2006
NY Arts Magazine Online

"Man Bites Consciousness" by Dominic Lombardi

May 2005
The New York Times

"Making An Entrance At Any Age" by Roberta Smith

April 2005

"The Decline and Fall of Painting" by Charlie Finch